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Redbeacon’s Brand-New Payments System

February 20th, 2013 | Posted by Joe | . comment(s)


Some things just make sense.

For example, when you start a process online, you expect to finish it online, right? We do.

Starting now, the process you start on Redbeacon.com you’ll be able to finish online as well! Here’s how it works:

Request a service on Redbeacon.com. You still get online access to the same great pros who are available in your area to complete your home project.

Select a pro. Our pros can now submit more detailed responses than ever before. You can select the response that best works for you, your project, and your schedule.

Link your credit card. If you don’t already have one logged in our system, we’ll collect your credit card number. Don’t worry — we won’t charge you until the pro has done the work and you’ve given us the thumbs-up.

Approve the invoice. Once the project has been done to your specifications, you’ll receive an invoice from the pro, straight to your inbox or smartphone. All you have to do is accept the invoice, at which point we charge your credit card and the money is instantly zipped straight over to the pro.

It’ll be easier for you — no fumbling for checks or cash or haggling over the price when it comes time to pay your pro — and it’ll be easy for your pro to keep track of the money he or she earns through Redbeacon.

And we think this just makes sense.

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