We’re excited to announce you can now Request Services on Redbeacon! We wanted to wait a few weeks after our win at TechCrunch50 so we could bring on board the best local businesses and freelancers in the Bay Area to handle your every service need. We’re starting out in the Bay Area, but if you live elsewhere, fear not! We’ll be expanding to other geographies soon enough.

Reaching our milestone of becoming a fully functional, live product gives us an opportunity to step back for a moment and reflect on the product and what we set out to accomplish when Yaron, Aaron and I left Google in late-2008.

We wanted to leverage the power of the Internet to help people find the BEST possible local business or professional to handle the service need. But what does “best” really mean?

Best means someone qualified to do the job.

We designed Redbeacon to be smart, like a trusted friend. Someone who understands you, and the job or project you need done. Is there someone in your life today that you can turn to for recommendations on a particular service (it can be anything – a plumber, a gardener, a babysitter)? Well, imagine Redbeacon being that person, except that we know the best person for your job in over 300 categories!

How can we know this? Allow us to explain. First, our system interprets your service request. If you tell us you need 500 cupcakes, we know you are in need of a baker who can handle a ginormous order for cupcakes. Second, we learn about you and the service providers on our system over time. We learn for which jobs they tend to get selected, have credentials and qualifications to handle, and get high ratings (or don’t).

But we don’t just leave you with a list of search results and bid you farewell. Far from it, because…

Best means getting it at the time and place you want it.

We only notify local businesses and services if they can do your job at the time and place you need it done. Have you ever had the experience of sitting at home for 4 hours waiting for the cable guy? Never again. Let’s say you need your lawn mowed early on Saturday morning. You would just type in lawn mower and select Saturday at 9:00 am. We’ll only notify the lawn mowers of the world about your job if they work in your neighborhood, work on Saturdays and love the smell of gasoline in the morning (with apologies to Francis Ford Coppola).

If you ever need something this very moment, we’ll launch a Red Beacon request for you. Think of it as lighting a bright red help beacon so service providers in your area can see it and come running to help. They’ll respond with the precise number of minutes it will take them to get to your location. Perfect for those occasions when your mother in-law calls to announce a surprise inspection, errr, visit to your home, and you need to have it cleaned ASAP!

But we know that convenience isn’t the only factor in your decision because…

Best means getting a great value.

We ask the businesses and individuals interested in your job to respond with a price quote to provide the service. Assuming your job doesn’t change from the way you described it, they’re bound to the price they quoted.

So you’ll know exactly how much the service will cost you before you make your selection. You’ll know if you’re getting a good deal because you can compare quotes you receive through Redbeacon. And when you’re ready to select someone…

Best means a scheduled job.

Call us anti-social, but we hate calling around to ask about price, availability, and qualifications. Or maybe we’d rather just use our time to socialize with our true friends!

That’s why we let you schedule the appointment for your job directly through Redbeacon. When you select someone to do your job, you’re doing more than letting them know you want to work with them. You’re actually confirming an appointment time for them to come and take care of whatever it is you need done! And remember…

Best also means free.

It’s always free to find and schedule a service through Redbeacon. We want you to have the best experience possible so you come back again and again, and we wouldn’t want to let anything get in the way of that.

Give it a shot.

So what are you waiting for? Give it a try! We have gardeners, carpet cleaners, maids, personal trainers, handymen, and more waiting to receive your requests.

We promise to live up to our motto: Whatever you need. Done.


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