Let a Redbeacon handyman give you a picture-perfect fall

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Get your mind out of the gutter — literally.

Everyone loves autumn until they have to dredge those beautiful falling leaves out of their gutters. And that’s why we’re inviting you not to do it.

That’s right. Don’t clean out your gutters. You heard us correctly.

As of today, Redbeacon has handymen available nationwide to help you with your fall clean-up projects, namely things like your gutters that can become a problem once freezing temperatures hit. Now that you can walk into any Home Depot store in the United States and find some help with your projects, you can return your autumn weekends to apple-cider sipping, decorative gourd arranging, and colorful-leaf-pile jumping. We’ve got the trusted pros you need to get the tough stuff done right.

So sit back in that Adirondack chair and enjoy a fall that’s straight out of stock photography, as documented below:


Why stop at the town? We’re painting the country red.

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We’ve been taking big bites out of this beautiful country of ours: Georgia. Texas. The gorgeous left coast.

We could have stopped with the Hawaiian Islands. It would have been easy to chill out there, basically, forever.

But we were never going to be entirely happy until we dominated the entire country. And that’s why, starting now, you’re able to access Redbeacon in every single store in the U.S. Home Depot chain — from the oil fields of North Dakota to Miami Beach, from Burbank to the Outer Banks.

We’re starting out with painters nationwide, so if you’ve got a paint project you’ve been putting off for a while, now’s the time to get everything you need at your local Home Depot: paint, rollers, brushes, tarps… and a pro who can do the whole thing for you.

Redbeacon: so fast, not at all furious

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A Maserati Granturismo. The hyperloop. Usain Bolt. A Google Fiber internet connection.

You know what these things have in common? They’re slick. And fast. Like somewhere-between-a-snake-and-a-mongoose-and-a-panther fast.




Things that are faster are cool. That’s why we’re changing things up at Redbeacon.

Starting now, there’s no delay for the vast matching power of Redbeacon — you get the results you want immediately after submitting your request. The access you want to the pros that are best for your job? You get that access straight away, because our new system allows you to select a list of up to five pros and get connected to them instantly.


By interfacing immediately with our pros, the pricing you’re now able to get will be the most accurate they can provide. Being able to talk about the project takes some of the guesswork out of pitching you a price the old-fashioned way: by talking to you about the ins and outs of the job and the specifics of your home.

Because who doesn’t the freedom to go faster? Choose the pro who pitches you best. Work out a schedule that works best for the both of you. Agree upon a price and a payment method.

So, we’re practicing what we preach — we’re streamlined, faster, and easier to use, and we’re doing it because we think it’s a better way to be. Check us out in your local Home Depot store or make a service request at any time at Redbeacon.

Redbeacon: simple, sleek, and swift. (No, not that Swift.)



Redbeacon Pro Spotlight: Franco’s Handyman

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There’s great work, and then there’s great work and great communication. One of our most beloved pros, Nimrod Franco — or, as everyone affectionately knows him, Franco — is all about communication. “The way to address the job — the way you explain, the way you communicate — it’s key with how to get along with people,” said Franco. “Being polite helps.”

The residents of the Plano, Texas, area are the better for it, and with more than 200 5-star reviews on Redbeacon alone, they seem to agree. Franco’s been doing home repairs and handyman work around the greater Dallas region for the last 12 years, starting first with maintenance requests of all types in apartment complexes. About 3 years ago, he started his own handyman venture, and he experimented with getting leads in a variety of places.

Before starting with Redbeacon, Franco used a few other lead-generation services, but his business predominately grew from recommendations. “I did some advertising with flyers and business cards,” he said. “But mostly I was growing from word of mouth.” And in a way, getting leads from Redbeacon helps him expand his word-of-mouth reach. “It’s been great [with Redbeacon],” Franco said. “The leads I get are good… and once I’ve done a job and the customer is satisfied, they call back directly to do repairs.”

Of course, Franco’s frequently working with customers who are in a bind: Something isn’t in working order in the home, and they need it fixed STAT. “A lot of times you get people in a bad mood, but if you know how to talk to them and address the situation, you get a good side of them and make them happy. I’ve had nice people; I’ve had cranky people. I try to do the best I can, and what I try to do is please people… I believe that’s what’s helped me to get those nice reviews.”

Well said, Franco. We think you might be on to something.

5 Last Minute Gifts for the Home

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If home is where the heart is, then giving a gift to you home is like gifting your heart…right?

With that said, Christmas is around the corner and, like the rest of America, you’re too busy scooping up the big deals instead of actually buying gifts. Our own employees are guilty of this as well. Some got a banana holder and a slightly scratched Wilson Phillips CD…Who does that?

So after years of forgetting that it’s Christmas and not knowing what to get the aunt and uncle you see about once a year, we have compiled a list of the best last minute gifts to get people that improve their home.

1) A lazy Susan

This gift is great for those big families where  you don’t want to buy all 4 kids a gift card to Toys R’ Us. It’s even greater if a member of that family is named Susan. There’s definitely a joke in there somewhere that at least one father will make.

2) A wine rack

What’s cheaper than the 10 year old bottle of zinfandel that the hosts won’t drink for another 10 years? You guessed it! A rack to hold that bottle.

3) A coat rack

The best part of this last minute gift is watching someone trying to wrap a coat rack. These novelty items are a forgotten treasure. Have you seen a coat rack in real life and not just in a family sitcom? Get this and your friends will thank you for not throwing your dirty jacket all over their white couch.

4) A waffle iron

Think about that for a second. It’s easy to buy, it’s quick to set up, and you get to have waffles later that day. But if you friend doesn’t like waffles, then they shouldn’t really be your friend in the first place.

5) A house cleaning

Nothing says “Hey, the mess in your home makes me uncomfortable.” like buying a house cleaning. This gift is perfect for your child who has moved out to the city and lives in a tiny apartment with 4 other people.

These gifts are not only thoughtful, but they’re also affordable. When you buy something that improves a home, it’s a gift for the whole family! So don’t forget to grab your ugly sweater, fire up the yule log, and spend the holidays with your favorite people.

Redbeacon Pro Spotlight: Beasley’s Plumbing of Atlanta

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This is the first in our series of pro spotlights, so read on to find out about one of our most accomplished pros!


Harold Beasley’s mantra: Be on time, always.

And it’s taken him far. Consider this: He’s been in the plumbing business for nearly 30 years, and his ethos has yet to fail him. “I’m not gonna do that to people,” he said, referring to not showing up on time. “I always try to tell the customer when I’m going to be there, and then I’ll be there.”

To Harold, it’s this work ethic that has helped him go from apprenticing in the plumbing business in the mid-1980s to being one of the selected pros on the Home Depot Home Services roster in the greater Atlanta area from 2005 to 2007. The pros he met at The Home Depot referred him to jobs in the area during the Recession, and once he found Redbeacon through The Home Depot, he thought he’d try the platform for a while to see where it took him.

“I was kind of skeptical at first,” he said, “At first, I just took leads when they came in, Monday through Friday. But now it’s a full-time job.” He says that after he started raking in good reviews from Redbeacon and Home Depot customers he now gets the majority of his leads from Redbeacon. One element of that success? The teams at his local Home Depot Cascade #130 and the support staff at 855-RBEACON. “I have good rapport with those guys,” he said. “I know a lot of them by name.”

Harold recommends Redbeacon to other contractors who are looking to expand their businesses, and he leaves them with one piece of advice: You won’t be rewarded for shoddy work, so do good work. And it’s why we’re proud to have him as one of our small-business owners on Redbeacon.com.

6 Things that Won’t Change on Thanksgivukkah

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This Thursday will bring the once-in-a-lifetime holiday known as Thanksgivukkah.

What is Thanksgivukkah? We’re glad you asked! Thanksgivukkah is the rare occasion where Thanksgiving and the start of Chanukkah coincide, bringing in a whirlwind of traditions and portmanteau words like menurky… a.k.a. menorah + turkey. This occurrence hasn’t happened since 1888, and what’s even more amazing is that this won’t occur again until the year 79811!

But even when holiday traditions collide in a heaping pile of matzah-ball stuffing, there are still similarities between the two that won’t ever change.

1) Fire hazards are still a problem.
Whether you’re trying to deep fry your turducken or lighting the first candle of the menorah, you should always be conscious of what could catch fire (unless you’re Katniss, of course). Take the proper precautions, invest in good smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and keep your pyro-loving kids away from the flames.

2) Your uncle will still drink too much.
He just has two options now: Bud Light or Manischewitz… and no, I don’t want to pull your finger.

3) Sorry, but your relatives will still argue about politics.
I mean, it’s not a family gathering without SOME fighting, right? If politics are not your forte, I’d suggest watching TV with the kids in the other room. At least they can enjoy the Thanksgiving parades in peace without relating Charlie Brown to the State of the Union.

4) There will still be a feast.
What’s the best thing about both holidays? FOOD! If there’s any reason to celebrate a combined holiday, it’s the huge influx in the types of food to shock your palate. Want turkey and brisket? Done!

5) You’ll still have to clean…
I mean, REALLY clean. No, not the type of cleaning where you shove piles of clothes in the closet and dip the cups in soapy water because that’s “good enough.” But the real cleaning! The type you hire a house cleaner for (it doesn’t have to be one from Redbeacon, but that’d sure make us happy) or spend a whole weekend scrubbing. Don’t forget that your cleaning needs to be done twice now; once before, and once after… unless you prefer the smell of cold kugel stuffing.

6) Your family will still be there.
Even though they get on your nerves or ask you when you’re going to have children, you’ll still thankful that they’re there.


10 Awful Things about Holiday Light Installation

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Let’s face it: Being the best house on the block during the holidays is the reason we get up in the morning. But putting up holiday lights can be the WORST. Here’s why:

1) Your annoying neighbor has theirs up
…and you can’t let them win.

I hope your electric bill makes you cry at night.

2) Trying to find the decorations is like a sad game of Jenga
where nobody wins.

3) After spending 2 hours going through the attic, you desperately check every corner of the house.

4) When you FINALLY find your lights, you’re just like:

Dang lights. Stop acting like fools!

5) We’ll just have to untangle them.
Slowly but surely, they will be untangled…

We know that feeling…

6) Then you find out one bulb is out.
And the evil lightbulb gods must be like, “Let’s play a game…”

7) Trying to actually put the lights up can be dangerous.

8) And then your neighbor laughs and asks if you need help after falling.


9) But you really DO need someone to come and help with your pain, because you don’t know what you’re doing!

10) And you’re real close to settling for this:

or even worse:


Just hire a Redbeacon pro, and they’ll be like:

And your neighbor will be like “But you didn’t do it yourself!”

Sorry, your house looks like it was draped by an 8-year-old. DEAL WITH IT.

Your Guide to Maximum Candy Intake

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With increasing population and growing neighborhoods, nobody has time to hit every house on the block! When you’ve only got a few hours, you need to start making some cuts to your route. But which houses will give you the king-sized bars? That’s where Redbeacon’s team of front-porch analyzers come in. We’ve had countless years of judging people’s candy supply based on their front-porch-decor abilities, so trust when we say we’re Candy Distribution Experts.

The Obvious One:
The porch light on/off sign should be universal. We all know that if the porch light is off, they’re not giving candy. If it’s on, they’re giving candy. This is really a message to all of you terrible people who leave the porch light on and proceed not to give any candy. (You know who you are.)

The Decoration Overload:
When you see the house with too many decorations, our highly statistical analysis says it’s safe to say you can skip it. The people inside this household LOVE Halloween and will make you work way too hard. No, I don’t want to tell you a joke. No, I don’t want to tell you what I’m supposed to be, and I’m not going to act like my costume.

Once you’re finished putting on a show for them, they’ll probably give you something terrible, like one fun-sized Three Musketeers bar, or even worse: candy corn. HOW DARE YOU GIVE CANDY CORN.


The Minimalist:
This is the house you want to hit – the stealth bomber of the Halloween haul. The residents of this home most likely don’t care about Halloween except for the fact that it’s tradition; they don’t have any kids to get dressed up, so their energy is low. Some tired high school kid will probably answer the door, say “Yaaay” unenthusiastically, and toss you a heaping handful of whatever. Is it fun? Maybe not. But the reward is so much better.

Look how perfect this house is. They couldn’t even be bothered to carve out their pumpkins. That means they don’t even care how much candy they give in a handful.

The Dentist:
I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about. We all found that one big house on the block where we were certain there would be a big payoff. We threw our already heavy pillowcases over our shoulders and traveled up their ridiculously long driveways only to walk away with nothing more than dental floss and crushed hopes and dreams.

It’s hard to tell which house belongs to dentists. So here’s shout out to every dentist out there! Please make decorations like this so we can spot your house from a mile away.

Ugh. We get it.

Houses to Skip:
If a house has this in front:

walk away IMMEDIATELY.

Nope nope nope nope nope.

So now that we’ve shared our trade secrets in Front Porch Analyzation Techniques, the last steps are to plan out your route around your neighborhood. Check out our friends at Nextdoor, who have helped neighbors notify if they’re giving away candy or staying in and being grumps. Don’t forget to add the promo code “FrontPorch15” in your Redbeacon account to get a free $15 credit toward hiring and pro.

Our home, renovated

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new homepage

Notice anything… different?

Every home needs updates at some point, and our renovations have been extensive. So we’re excited to finally show off a killer new homepage for Redbeacon! The new design had its debut today and will be rolling out to 100% of our users in the coming days.

We really wanted our homepage to give homeowners an instant vision of what Redbeacon does, and the new homepage design achieves just that.

In addition to being, well, prettier, the excellent editorial content we’ve worked hard to produce is now easier to access and far more mobile-responsive than the preexisting homepage. Redbeacon is a highly mobile business; thirty percent of our site visits come from mobile, so creating the right homepage experience was extraordinarily important.

The sleekness of the homepage grid and the scrolling design give the user better access to the things that matter to them: exploring and searching the tasks available through Redbeacon’s trusted pros, and ultimately, submitting that job request in one swift and visually pleasing place.

So, come on in. Walk around. Check out all the shiny new things. It’s like a housewarming party without awkward hugs and the obligation to bring a bottle of wine.